Yogasana Styles

Humans are made to be embodied creatures. Ideally its best to practice something new and different continuously. Find a movement style that best suites your current needs and then we build on that.


Vinyasa is designed to be a moving meditation, moving one posture to the next and linking breath in the process. Its perfect for students looking to build strength, flexibility and balance.

Yoga Basics

This structure is best for students who are new to yoga. We spend time breaking down postural alignment, breath and mindfulness practices. This format can also be helpful to those who are recovering from an injury.


These classes are designed to alleviate physical and emotional stress, and address intelligently how we work with injuries or chronic conditions. Yoga therapeutics can benefit all levels of practitioners.

Qi Gong

Learn how to maintain and increase your own vitality and relaxation with this simple yet profound practice.  Qigong is a system that cleanses, energizes and harmonizes your body's internal organs and energetic systems.


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